• Size: 32cm x 16cm x 46cm
  • Prices include VAT
  • Single  £36.00

    Pair  £65.00

Our white Hen sculpture now has a pecking partner! Created using reclaimed panels from fridges and washing machines to create a feathered effect.

Standing Hen measuring approx:  L 32cm x W 16cm x H 46cm 
Pecking Hen measuring approx:  L 44cm x W 20cm x H 36cm 

Our garden sculptures make stunning metal art features for the home and garden. Coated in a lacquer finish they can be left outside all year. Use a clear spray lacquer to maintain the finish as and when required. A tent peg or stake can be used to secure your garden sculpture into the ground. If displayed on wooden decking use a hook nail over the foot.

NOTE: All metal garden sculptures are individually crafted, so heights and stances may vary. Please be aware that some metal ornaments may contain sharp edges.

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