• Size: 38cm x 13cm x 15cm
  • Prices include VAT
  • Single  £39.00

    Pair  £75.00

We officially have a new favourite piece here at Zimbolic.. Our Pangolins capture all the movement and character of the real thing with each individual scale adding texture and definition to the sculpture. 

These beautiful, mysterious creatures are tragically the most highly poached mammal in the world. Defenceless, they simply curl into a ball only to be picked up and killed for their scales. To raise awareness and help protect them, we are donating 10% from every sale to the Tikki Hywood foundation based in Zimbabwe.

Measuring approx:  L 38cm x W 13cm x H 15cm 

Created from recycled metal oil drums, our garden sculptures make stunning metal art features for the home and garden. Coated in a lacquer finish they can be left outside all year. Use a clear spray lacquer to maintain the finish as and when required. 

NOTE: All metal garden sculptures are individually crafted, so heights and stances may vary. Please be aware that some metal ornaments may contain sharp edges.